March 2021 Playlist (Rexx Life Raj: Salihah Saadiq)(Rexx Life Raj photo: Salihah Saadiq)

It’s been a year and a week since the Bay Area collectively dimmed the lights on our venues — not that you needed a reminder.

And while we’ll all be glad to retire words like “pandemic,” “unprecedented,” and “quarantine” from our vernacular later this year, “defund,” “Karen,” and “climate change” are likely here to stay.

In a lot of ways, the past year has felt like a slow-motion collision of disparate moments shoved unceremoniously into a time capsule for future generations to gawk at in horror and awe.

Isolation, grief, survival, wildfires, and yes, joy — the pandemic curve has been relentless. But if we’re to truly pay tribute to our shared humanity, this time capsule better have some music too, or we’ll have to take to the streets once again.

The Voyager had the Golden Record, we have playlists.

From Wolf Jett‘s mourning for communities affected by the CZU Lightning Complex fires to Planet Booty‘s exercise in suspension of disbelief and excess, here are some of the songs from the lost year that might help us find ourselves again.

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