Ever since she picked up a trumpet in third grade, North Bay rapper/producer/poet Kayatta has been making a name for herself as a soulful and engaging performer.

Born in West Oakland, Kayatta Patton found inspiration in musicians like A Tribe Called Quest and Ms. Lauryn Hill, influences that resonate on her debut album Beautiful and Messy, which dropped over the summer of 2020. And while obviously there are social and political themes woven throughout Kayatta’s verses, her newest video “Sweetest of Ease,” filmed and directed by Anthony Jimenez, is an introspective look at her own personal journey. Check it out below.

“Sweetest of Ease” off the 2020 Beautiful and Messy album is a poignant song telling a story about redemption, resilience, and transformation. It is one of my favorite songs on the album because I remember where I was in my life when I wrote it. It was the beginning of a spiritual journey that would change my life. I am pleased to introduce you to the visual in which Anthony has captured the true essence of what the song embodies. I am very proud of the art we were able to orchestrate together and I hope you all enjoy it. – Kayatta