Elliott Ok

On February 5, Santa Cruz’s Elliott Ok released his first single “Snap! (The End).” With an arresting vocal performance, catchy melodies, and lush production, this song’s a compelling announcement of Elliot Ok’s emergence as a singer-songwriter in the Bay Area Americana and indie music scene.

“Snap! (The End)” certainly does not reflect the startling fact that this is his first recording — at least one shared with the public. It evinces a real sense of craft that would typically be found in a well-seasoned songwriter. Yet, having served as a multi-instrumentalist in many prominent Bay Area acts throughout the years, you can hear his intimate understanding in the balanced, yet evocative relationship between lyrics and composition. It’s not just a singer-songwriter’s song, it’s a musician’s too.

In an elegant chorus that’ll stick in your head for the rest of the week, Elliot sings, “There’s apple trees and sugar snap peas and lazy afternoons / And bittersweet hope that they won’t end too soon.” Conveying a wistful mood everyone has felt at least at one point in their life, Elliot Ok puts context to feeling in his music, and then leaves listener not wanting it to end.