Ann James Jr

On February 1, San Francisco’s Ann James Jr released a lyrical new single, “The Rain.” Urgent and raw in composition and instrumentation, the music grounds a lyrically charged and melancholic story shared by singer-songwriter Kevin Waylonis. In “The Rain” there are no gimmicks or affectations, just a poignant existential narrative accompanied by a charismatic vocal performance.

With musical interludes serving almost as scene changes in a play, the music cools into a patient indie-pulse to feature breathtaking lines like “and times, you hardly look me in the eyes / that’s alright / I’m afraid to know what you’d find if you looked inside / and you’re fair to even try” and “The nights, I never slept well by your side / and my mind was scrambling for the woods I’d never find to help us reconcile.”

Recorded and engineered at Tiny Telephone by Danielle Goldsmith and hosting a cast of established Bay Area musicians, “The Rain” is just the first song on their sophomore album, Deliriously Yours.