This morning, San Francisco’s Avi Vinocur announced a new album, arriving next Friday.

Recorded entirely on his iPhone in his apartment, Hindsight feels like a ship-in-a-bottle encapsulation of the year that’s behind us (check the pun in the title). But the storytelling is fiction: Each song is set in a different time and place, something most of us didn’t get to experience a lot of last year.

Strung together, the album sounds like a solitary road trip. A quiet backroad, the dying fuzz of losing a local radio station, a reason known only to you.

Since we can’t go anywhere right now (or at least we probably shouldn’t be going anywhere right now — I see some of y’all’s Insta stories), let Hindsight take you to the far-flung reaches of this country, which remains wilder than its reputation for strip malls and chain restaurants would have you believe.

Hindsight releases on February 12. Avi suggests pre-ordering it today to take advantage of Bandcamp Friday.