There was that saying that went around at the beginning of shutdown about how Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague — the implication being, what are YOU waiting for, you lazy bum? Get over your crippling terror about this once-in-a-lifetime disaster and get to work!

Most people, understandably, rolled their eyes at it, but Berkeley’s Rexx Life Raj seems to be giving ol’ Shakes a run for his shillings. Over the course of 2020 he released a bunch of singles leading up to an EP (along with a custom weed strain!). Last week he gave us this comedic gem of a video for “Bad Bad Bad.” Watch him shoot hoops and enjoy some charcuterie in one of those ridiculous astronaut-lookin’ mask things.

It’s also fun to see that the production credits include a bunch of other local faves: JULiA LEWiS, Ian Santillano, Drew Banga, and more.