Look, everyone’s probably a little burned out on livestreams right now. But here’s one that may shake off the Zoom fatigue: Estados Unidos de Bass, presented by Red Bull.

They’re separating their parties by region, so the lineup is entirely local. Some highlights are: Los Rakas (12/5), who kind of need no introduction at this point, ESSJ’s Turbo Sonidero (12/4), and perhaps the most exciting, La Doña (12/4). While she’s relatively new to the music scene, she isn’t to San Francisco: born and raised in a musical family from the Mission, she started gaining national press attention for her solo career earlier this year. She also teaches mariachi, which is where I’m assuming these super-talented kids in her “Cuando Se Van” music video came from:

It goes without saying I dearly wish this were a live event this year, but, as the seasonal song says, “we’ll have to muddle through somehow.”

For the Bay Area dates, tune in at the above link on December 4 and 5.