The Bay Bridged is psyched announce that Horders is dropping their debut LP this month, entitled Eternities. The North Bay instrumental purveyors have spent the last decade carving out a place in the wall of Sonoma County prog rock next to their cohorts the Velvet Teen, Zach Hill, and Toast Machine.

And while ten years may seem like a long turnover for a record, keep in mind core members Jaime Wosk, Brian Kincaid and Gabriel Katz have individually played in more than a dozen different groups around the bay area (the incendiary Coma Lilies, among others.)

Dropping in its entirety on December 15, Eternities has enough prog flourishes to give even jaded math rock fans something they can pretend to tap their foot to. But Horders has never been afraid to slam the overdrive pedals and detour into serious stoner/doom territory. The heavier moments on this record will give you brutal flashbacks of your first time hitting salvia in the backseat of your friend’s 1993 Nissan Pathfinder in the Dairy Queen parking lot. Well, not all of you. Maybe just me.

Check out the first single the below, entitled “Void Transaction”