Crowd at Phono del Sol 2019, by Ian Young
Photo: Ian Young

Hi friends. It’s your Content Director, Jody. 

Had a talk with the other top brass here at TBB a few weeks ago to go over how we wanted to break this news, and we agreed we owe it to our readers to get real:

COVID-19 has come for us, too.

Since we started in 2006, our main source of funding has been local venues promoting upcoming concerts. It was a mutual and adoring relationship: They helped us produce our top-tier editorial content, and we got to hype up shows we were already stoked about, anyway.

Now that there are no shows to be stoked about, we’ve taken a pretty major hit to our funding. You might have noticed this in the form of our drastically reduced output on the blog, a sleepy social media presence, and the sudden stoppage of the podcast (just after we suddenly started it up again!).

We have enough to keep the lights on, but not much else. So for this year’s holiday season, we’re seeking donations to keep us afloat until we can all gather indoors again. There’s plenty of music left to write about — as I mentioned in our first newsletter after shelter-in-place, the local music community responded to these (wait for it…) unprecedented times with an explosion of creativity. If you value local music, consider a donation to help us support local music when support is needed the most.

With your help, we will still be here when we come out the other side of this thing. Let’s get burritos after the show, OK?

– Jody