Joe Kaplow

Quirky yet artful; cute yet clever, Santa Cruz singer-songwriter Joe Kaplow’s new single, “Little Sleep,” arrives almost a year after the release of his dynamic and captivating album, Time Spent in Between.

Mercurial, curious, and playful, Kaplow is trying on a new hat in this song. This observant and teasing indie jam engenders an elegant balance between the attentiveness of his lyricism and composition, and their interchange — like two lovers, what’s lost and what’s gained.

She got motion in her smile, and, summer on her breath, Kaplow sings, aware of synesthetic nature in listening to “Little Sleep.” New melody lines appear and vanish, and then they return later with slight variations like recurring memories. There’s a sense of instability, but the steadiness and precision of the rhythm ensures that Kaplow’s got it under control. Just like infatuation, this song would argue. It even comes down to the title of the song — as we accompany Joe in this narrative, we are participant in an impressionistic daydream. It takes a talented musician to convey this, but a real artist to create an experience.

Along with the single, Kaplow is releasing the music video seen below.