Today Bandcamp will once again waive fees and allow all money to go directly to the artists. All hail Bandcamp. No other music platform seems to give as much of a shit about their artists as Bandcamp does, so we need them now more than ever. Plan a shopping spree tomorrow that you can feel good about! You won’t even have to line Jeff Bezos’ pockets.

Start with a brand new release from Oakland’s lost legend, Greg Ashley. He moved back to Texas and is building a recording studio from the ground up with his dad. The cash will come in very handy. Rarities & Unreleased Tracks brings recordings from 2003 to the present and includes rare B-sides, alternate takes and songs that never saw the light of day. Unlike many rarity collections, this is not just for the superfans. In fact this would be an amazing introduction to Ashley for anyone that loves rock and roll. There are 17 tracks for only 12 clams. There are 4 tracks from his time with Gris Gris, 1 from the Sir Lord Von Raven days, and a 30-minute sound experiment to cure insomnia!

Don’t stop there, buy more records from Greg while you are it. There is a recently-released treasure from his early days with the Mirrors. The Lost Third Album was recorded in 2001 and contains gorgeous, raw psychedelia that would soon be perfected with Gris Gris.

Of course you can’t go wrong with any of the Gris Gris records and the solo records to follow. Medicine Fuck Dream and Painted Garden should be in every serious collection (despite what Pitchfork might think).

Greg also wrote the best book of the year with Anecdotes. You will laugh, you will cry, you will trip balls on DMT. On the Anecdotes webpage you will also find a link to his new radio show, This is a Telarc Recording. You can listen live Thursdays and Sundays on WLCI or check it out at your leisure on YouTube.

Last but not least, do stay tuned for Radio MDMA, a brand new record due out in February! Texas has been good for Greg.