Worthitpurchase, a two-piece art pop outfit from San Francisco, released a new single and video, “Dizzy Age,” on August 14. This richly atmospheric song is in anticipation of their forthcoming album, Dizzy Age, to be released October 2 with Wiggle World Records.

Self-recorded in a series of late-night sessions at the legendary Tiny Telephone studios, “Dizzy Age” is a nice balance of gentleness and subtle darker tension that only an oneiric, late-night recording experience can discover. “When we started making the record I was still an intern at the studio and me and Nicole were going in at night to record these songs. ‘Dizzy Age’ was the first song that we started for the album and when I listen to it it really takes me back…There are two tracks in the song that are just Nicole messing around on a glockenspiel that I dubbed out through this delay I was obsessed with at the time, and it just somehow ended up in just the right places. I don’t even think she knew I was recording! The song kinda just fell together like that,” explains Akrouche.

“Lyrical” and “poetical” describe more than the words sung, but the choices and production of the song as well. While Nicole Rowe’s smooth and patient vocal performance deliver a deservedly attractive feature for the listener, it doesn’t dominate, remaining in perfect harmony with Omar Akrouche and her instrumental dynamism and creativity.

Continuing their ability to pair melodiously, a video complements the artful textures in “Dizzy Age.” Hazy and glitchy filters on serene landscapes filmed in 16mm by Serena Hughes and Sammy Lamb. With aerobic humans and phosphenes, the video captures the mood.