Photo by Jack Bool

Brijean, the duo of percussionist/singer Brijean Murphy and multi-instrumentalist Doug Stuart, returns with a new single and some pretty big news. They’ve signed to Ghostly International, current home of Tycho and Shigeto, among many others. Ghostly has also re-released the duo’s excellent debut album Walkie Talkie.

Both members of Brijean are accomplished in their own right; Murphy has toured internationally with Poolside, Toro y Moi, and U.S. Girls. Stuart has performed with a host of Bay Area bands for the past decade plus, including Bells Atlas, Meernaa, and Luke Temple. Together, the two musicians cultivate a warm and enveloping atmosphere that, in some ways, feels like a synthesis of all their different projects. But in other ways, it’s something else entirely.

To be perfectly honest, the new single “Moody” feels too short for its own good. With its hushed groove and infectious melody, “Moody” begs for repeated plays. Betcha can’t listen to it just once! In fact, tell you what — give it a try. If by the end of its two minutes and fourteen seconds you don’t feel inexorably compelled to click play again, I’ll buy you a bag of potato chips*. Go on now, and see how “Moody” you really feel.

Download “Moody” on Bandcamp or listen on Spotify.

*I’m not actually going to buy you a bag of potato chips; it’s a figure of speech.