You might say that 2020 has been a crazy year for Trebuchet.

Since the dawn of the new decade, the North Bay indie rockers have welcomed a newborn into the world, endured career-threatening medical issues, witnessed a bold attempt to kill rock music, not to mention survived a worldwide pandemic that has left scorched earth where there once stood a music scene. And despite all of it, the band is dropping a new record this year.

Entitled It’s Fine, I’m Fine, the band’s third LP continues where they left off with 2017’s Volte-Face; weaving three-part vocal harmonies, intricate guitar hooks, and thunderous drums into meticulously crafted indie gems, in the same vein as their Sonoma County counterparts The Velvet Teen.

And sure, the current climate isn’t ideal for releasing new music, but that’s why it’s more important than ever. In times like these it helps to look back and remember those that came before us. Those mighty musical icons whose voice and vision lifted them off of the stage and placed them into the halls of eternity; who guided their fans through the darkness and showed us there could be a better world on the other side. The Beatles, Bowie, Slipknot…the list goes on. As both artists and humans, we should — no — we must aspire to achieve nothing short of their everlasting greatness.

I’m sure this is exactly what the band was thinking when filming the music video for “Failing Up,” which features some of the best cosplay you’ll see all year. The track is first single off of It’s Fine, I’m Fine, which you can pre-order here for fall release. Check out the video, directed by Jim Agius and filmed by Timmy Lodhi, below!