John Elliott

John Elliott had plans this year. Really, he did.

He was going to go on a 3,500-mile bike ride to promote his new album, The Information Age, as a way to connect with American citizens outside our Bay Area political and social bubble.

But then, like all of us, the great hammer of COVID-19 came down. So he’s shifted gears a bit, but he’s still making an impact with music. Like Diana Gameros and friends a few weeks ago, he’s drawing attention to the conditions under which families are being detained at the Southern border.

The song was recorded at an arts center in Northern California called the Sanctuary — where, he says, he had a lot of trouble reconciling the acceptance he felt there while thinking on migrants still in detention.

The bike tour is being postponed to next year. For now you can stream “Sanctuary” and the first single, “The Information Age,” on Bandcamp.