Getaway Dogs

Santa Cruz favorite Getaway Dogs released a stunning new single “KEEP II”. Continuing a trend established in previous albums, this song showcases their ability to bond the medium of pop music with the realm of art. Lyrically engaging the mythopoetic, Getaways Dogs channels a spiritualism through an sophisticated composition: “When you were a grey owl in some past life / You had a place you’d go / You were a lotus once out in some lonesome pond / You were a deep violet heart beating hard in someone’s chest / And you were the dotted line spectral and undefined.”

“KEEP II” enmeshes words and music into a language that authors a purer account of the narrator’s emotions. The primal groove and athletic chord changes create a vitality to the past and future dream conveyed.

Accompanying the single is an instrumental under the same name. Both offer a meditation that is quite welcome these days.

100% of proceeds from this single will be donated to the Black Organizing Project, an organization based in Oakland whose work concerns “reviving the spirit of Oakland’s Black community through relationship building, leadership development, political education and policy change.”