Oakland’s Bobbing returns with Mixtape — a stuttering, unhinged triumph. The 17-track, sitcom-length album weaves seamlessly between snippets of ideas with the precision of a paring knife.

What’s going on here? Why is it so good? If I had to guess, I think it’s because the album’s foundation lies in erratic head-knocking grooves. Bobbing’s music is the ultimate blend of volatile-but-tight drum beats and surprising textures, melodies, and voices. As a result, Mixtape never bores — no single idea wears out its welcome.

Joyful, curious, and often funny (take “The Big Unit,” a sort-of stream of consciousness musing about Major League Baseball pitcher Randy Johnson), Bobbing’s latest is a radiant sonic collage.

Mixtape is available for purchase on Bandcamp. As a bonus, here’s a live version of their song “Crimes” recorded last year at 8th Street Recording Studios.