Oakland-based trio KnightressM1 debuted their new video for single “Polarity Integrate” on July 10. The video offers a combination of disparate images alongside heavy instrumentals.

Lead vocalist and violinist Emily Palen performs musical alchemy by transforming her violin into the sounds typical of a rock guitar with hints every once in a while of the true nature of the instrument. This isn’t a gimmicky move on Palen’s part: The sounds she produces are unique and don’t fall squarely in the guitar or violin camps, which is also true of the arrangement of the song. The chorus has the typical build of a prog-metal song, but overall there is an almost orchestra arrangement of the piece that starts off so sweetly and subtle.

The lyrics, which seem apt to the times we are living in, employ a lot of renaissance fair-laden imagery, but also speak a lot of universal truths. About seeing the darkness so that we can heal and come into the light, “Polarity” might be looked upon one day as an anthem for what is definitely not going to be described as the “best of times.” At the very least, some prog-metal with an art-rock slant can’t hurt anything nowadays.

“Polarity Integrate” was released in anticipation of their album, Dreams & Devastations, which is coming out some time this autumn.