NRVS LVRS - Cult Lite EP(photo: Kristin Cofer)

Even in these crazy times, NRVS LVRS are back with a new EP Cult Lite. Hear the whole thing, including lead single “Little Cults,” right here.

Like many plans to release music in the last few months, theirs changed as the state of the country did. All proceeds from this EP will go to SF’s TGI Justice Project, a nonprofit that features programs to assist incarcerated and at-risk transgender and gender-variant people.

Though it’s been taken online by necessity, they’ll be premiering the record at this month’s Star Crash, a monthly synth pop celebration hosted by Vice Reine‘s Remi X. Device and April Gee of Containher. Proceeds from the event’s livestream will help Star Crash’s original IRL home, DNA Lounge, stay afloat until it’s safe to gather again.

Cult Lite was a true labor of local love, with forthcoming remixes by Nanosaur, Studio Dad, NITEPPL, and Starfari, to name a few.