On June 19, Henry Chadwick surfaced with an utterly compelling new single “What I Mean To Say.” Like his other songs, this one only further proves his mastery as a songwriter and his enviable skills as a composer and producer.

Exemplifying control and taste, Chadwick has a particular vision and all the ability to manifest it (he played all the instruments on this track and engineered it). Hearing elements of Brian Wilson, Elliot Smith, and the Beatles only celebrate and contribute to his invention and craft. From the art of catchy melodies for humming on a walk to subtle backwards guitar textures and chromatic changes for the music nerds, it’s all there.

“This song was written when I took a step back and reevaluated where I was and what I really wanted,” explains Chadwick.  Both the lyrics and music of “What I Mean To Say” create a sort of nostalgic effect, but one that doesn’t meander. The chorus reflects: The empty / the fake smiles / I’m so tired / Everybody here with you is a vampire / They bleed you til’ you’re empty, then you run dry.

Its message is clear: something’s got to change. It’s a notion we’ve all experienced, and one more pertinent now than ever.

Soon to follow will be more songs and an LP in the near future. Until then, enjoy listening to what he has to say.