Diana Gameros, Liliana Herrera, and Francisco Herrera

In protest of the intolerable and infuriating treatment of children separated from their families at the US/Mexico border, an all-star team of musicians and artists have come together with “Our Children Our Sacred,” out now.

Part sing-along and part rallying call, “Our Children Are Sacred” is a new civil rights anthem that retaliates against the horrible and inhumane with a message of hope and love. A choir of voices celebrates this joy with the words: “Our children are sacred, our children are beautiful, our children are a gift,” weaving together the English and Spanish languages like an American tapestry.

“We want the children to hear this and know they are not alone. That we see them, we hear them, and that we are fighting for them,” says Maria X. Martinez, community leader, SF City Public Health official and Board President of the Chicana Latina Foundation.

Diana Gameros, Francisco Herrera and Liliana Herrera lead the charge with call-and-response vocals in English and Spanish. They are joined by the powerful voices of Juan Luis Perez, Armando Cordoba, Jr., and Nicaraguan-American rapper Deuce Eclipse.

A radiant array of musicians fill out the sound, including guitarist Camilo Landau, bassist Ayla Davila, drummer Colin Douglass, percussionists Javier Navarrette and Mio Flores, keyboardist Kev Choice, background vocalists Bryan Dyer, Michelle Jacques, Monica María Fimbres, and Mayan Mam children of Oakland. And it’s all tied together with production by Grammy nominee Greg Landau.

The group is also hosting a live-streamed concert and conversation on Facebook at 3pm PST, Friday June 26. The event features Francisco Javier Herrera Brambila, Liliana Herrera, Diana Gameros, Kev Choice, and other guests including the legendary Dolores Huerta. Additionally, they have compiled a resource list which brings together many different ways of combatting this humanitarian crisis at the border.

“We believe it is imperative to create art that activates and sustains public resistance and financial support for social justice movements, while at the same time sending a message to our children, youth and families that we love them deeply and will never abandon them,” states singer/songwriter Francisco Herrera.