Oakland indie artist Moonrun, released “Saline Dreams” on May 29. This tune offers a profusion of rich guitar tones, ruminating lyrics, and atmospherics that portray the song’s title aptly.

Both effervescent and nostalgic, “Saline Dreams” would be the ideal soundtrack to a surfing trip filmed on Super 8. The abundance of catchy riffs invoke a palpable beach scene: overcast Pacific horizon with pelicans surfing and abandoned umbrellas rippling in the nautical breeze. You can nearly taste the salt.

This song, as his others, demonstrates Moonrun’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Not only does he play all of the instruments proficiently (with the help of Owen Barrett on drums for this song), he plays with a maturity and nuance that elevates, not distracts.

“Saline Dreams” is the third tune in a series quality singles released over the last two months. They’re are all in anticipation of his debut album to be unveiled in the near future.