Madeline Kenney

Oakland’s indie-rocker and singer-songwriter, Madeline Kenney, is a magician. Again she beguiles with her new single, “Sucker.” Whether by the misdirection of tranquil nylon guitars and pulsing sultry ride symbol or some imperceptible trap door of tasteful guitar licks, the song’s hypnotic vibe draws you in before the big reveal: our vulnerability.

To accompany the song is an artful, patient music video that resembles a Jim Jarmusch vignette. The video follows her cleaning up on back-alley sleight-of-hand games before using that experience to contrast her own vulnerable experiences in a diner monologue. It’s a power dynamic we all can relate to, and is endearingly and earnestly portrayed.

For the final trick of the act, the song features vocals from Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner.

Now that we’re suckers for her new song, we’ll eagerly be waiting for her next reveal: Sucker’s Lunch, a full length album to be released by Carpark Records on July 31.