Bay Area Black Arts Organizations

At The Bay Bridged, we believe music and art doesn’t just provide a relieving distraction from a weary world — it can also be a powerful tool for those seeking change, justice, and equality. In light of recent events, we’ve started a list of arts organizations that provide space for Black art in the Bay Area. Since one of the fastest ways to speed along the search for justice and equity is to give money directly to the communities you want to support, we’ve chosen 10 that accept direct donations.

There are, of course, organizations that serve more urgent needs looking for donations right now — our friends at KQED have a fantastic list of places to start.

We stand with our Black neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Pick one (or all!) programs from the list below, and help our beloved arts community — all of it — continue to thrive.

If you have more suggestions, keep it going in the comments.

Alena Museum

Oakland Second Line Project

The House of Malico


African American Arts & Culture Complex


AfroSolo Theater Company

African-American Shakespeare Company

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre Company

East Side Arts Alliance