When you’re quarantining in one of San Francisco’s historic studios, I guess the only thing you can do is make music. Following the release of his last album, Last Summer Sucked, Text Me Records rapper Ricky Lake is back with a new EP called Wobbles crafted in the label’s home at Different Fur Studios.

In some ways, Wobbles feels like an extension of Last Summer. Ricky, who effortlessly blends influences of dreamy pop and electronica with trap music, is all about exploring every nuance of sound with his voice. On “Risky Business”, he recruits WADE08 and Dee Dot Jones for some free-wheeling raps then slows it down to laidback vibe on the Studio Dad-produced “Fall Out Boy”. The third single “MDMA” Ricky gets downright trippy with an assist from label mate, Amen to smooth out the track. Ricky’s always about progression, but at least he does it with style.