After debuting their first single “So, How Do U Feel?” in April, emerging Bay Area indie artist LOVVS (pronounced “lows”) releases another promising track titled “King City, Pt. 1.” The song is chock-full of heavy synths and an infectious, dance-floor-worthy chorus, featuring guest vocals from Lyrah, another San Francisco based indie pop artist. LOVVS’ music is written and performed on vintage synthesizers and drum machines, delivering a retro synth-pop sound on a bed of steady percussive beats. The subtle, almost atmospheric female vocals on this track are woven perfectly with the textures, creating a captivating and infectious hook.

With this glimpse into their ability to craft polished compositions that will continue to swirl through your head, LOVVS are surely one to watch. Both “So, How Do U Feel?” and “King City, Pt. 1” are part of their forthcoming album Modern Culture, recorded at now-closed Tiny Telephone in Oakland. Modern Culture will be out July 17. In the meantime, here’s a peek at the full track list:

  1. Feel / T.S.O.T.S
  2. Biff Tannen
  3. King City, Pt. 1
  4. Modern Culture
  5. 3-2-1
  6. The Programmer
  7. So, How Do U Feel?
  8. Everything & Nothing
  9. King City, Pt. 2 (Death Valley)

Watch the video for “King City, Pt. 1” here: