Milk For The Angry by William Wayland(photo: Chris Johnston)

Additional reporting by Sosha Young

Milk For The Angry’s super-stoked garage rock style comes from Kyle Stringer on bass, Jackson Langford on guitar, the ecstatic drumming of just-turned-21-year-old Cole Bailey and the maniacal lead guitar and vocals of Dana Lindström, the band’s driving creative force. On a song about the primal pull to party, Dana’s electric mischief moves like the monsters in all of us. When the drums start clicking and this potion’s flowing, you can’t help but get swept up in the band’s catalytic enthusiasm just as you would at one of their live shows.

Dana may tell you that “NSYNC is Milk For The Angry’s greatest influence,” but the boys’ transformation into marionettes of the dead will not remind you at all of the “Bye Bye Bye” video. The band worked with videographer Will Rushton to find the right balance between skull and skeleton story-telling and band-playing puppetry. As prop-master, Dana hunted down the handmade skeleton puppet on Etsy and learned how to make it dance on camera.

If you recently purchased a pair of cream overalls from Urban Outfitters, you’re just a striped T-shirt away from authentic Milk For The Angry wardrobe!

“Skin and Bones” is the first single off the band’s third album, Glider (coming out this summer), and their first release since signing to Brooklyn-based King Pizza Records (“it’s like having a pizza for your ears!”) It’s kind of a big deal because Milk For The Angry represents the only Bay Area band to join the label’s eclectic community of garage, psych, punk, and stoner rock acts from the East Coast.

We can’t wait to hear the resulting sounds from this cross-coastal pollination. Until then, dig into Milk For The Angry’s video catalog with “Upside 85,” a high-energy song from their debut album Make Like An Animal (2018) about making your own damn party. This video features Dana on a motorcycle and the band playing glitter-and-mud-covered house party.

If that’s not enough mischief and prop-foolery for you, checkout “Snake Eyes,” one of Milk For The Angry’s more danceable songs about getting hunted by a demonic spirit and barely wiggling away — and oh how Dana wiggles to that bassline.