“Twine,” the long awaited single from Santa Cruz folk supergroup MAJK, was released on March 15. Since the collaborative project’s formation in 2016, the widely cherished yet likewise aloof acoustic quartet would manifest once or twice annually to share their transcendent, captivating tunes before vanishing in the mystic from which they came. Now, MAJK has finally offered us their lush and haunting sound in a stunningly-produced single.

Mathew Harmon (Matador), Alexis Hawks (Audiafauna), Jeff Kissell (Marty O’Reilly, Wolf Jett), and Kelly Koval (Audiafauna) comprise MAJK. The only thing more extraordinary than their acronym is their idiosyncratic blend. Both technical and tasteful, “Twine” is a melancholic, baroque-esque ballad. Featuring a vulnerability and conviction with its bewitching play of legato vocals and strings over a warm bed of rich finger-picked guitar, it would be the ideal soundtrack to Wuthering Heights.

Furthermore, “Twine” is a promise of more, as it serves to be the first single from their eponymous debut album on the horizon.