Adam Spry

San Francisco singer-songwriter Adam Spry‘s new EP, Bonanzais a welcome antidote to the lethargy and deprivation that some feel in abundance these days.

The album lives up to its title too: It offers a boon of rich compositions, genuine lyricism, confident and tasteful guitar riffs, and sonorous tenor vocals that have an inspiriting effect. With his anthemic title track, the message for the album is clear: “Everything that I need is right in front of me / Everything I can see is waiting there for me / Bonanza / Bonanza.” Following this opening track is “American Treasure,” an ethereal, reconciliatory number that leads into an late ’60s-esque psychedelic tune called “It’s In Your Head,” all culminating with the spunky “How To Pay Attention.”

Each of these athletic songs demonstrate his versatility and understanding of not just Americana, folk, and rock music, but musical proficiency in general — weaving ’70s, ’90s, and modern indie rock all into one seamless experience.

With his technical prowess and whimsical texturing, the album is a thoughtful reminder, more pertinent today than ever, to remain present and active despite the challenges.