Andrew Levin by Stefan Aronsen

Most of us have been staring mostly at the same four walls for months now, so it’s a relief to hear when someone is creating new things: Finally, something new to stimulate our senses! This week, Andrew Levin is here to brighten these long days with a new solo offering: “If I Died Today.”

Inspired by the outpouring of grief after the passing of a colleague — some of it, from those that didn’t know the deceased, seemingly over-the-top and self-serving — Levin ruminates on how his passing would be received by the public if he, in fact, died today.

Levin’s a lifer in the local music scene: Raised in the Bay, he’s spent his professional career collaborating with a ton of your faves (Kev Choice! Emily Afton! Lyrics Born! The list goes on!). Maybe “If I Died Today” is a bit dark of a theme for these times, but as some have noted, this weird, out-of-sorts thing we’re feeling is a cousin of grief. It might be worth exploring.