Erik Jourgensen, the musician who co-composed the score to “The Infiltrators,” in 2019, released latest EP, Total, on May 20th. Working with a variety of synthetic and organic sounds, Jourgensen’s offerings are smooth and rich. Often forgoing traditional percussion entirely, much of the EP relies heavily on melody and the natural percussive elements in his synths. “DFAM Fender,” the third track on the EP, is particularly percussive while still forgoing any recognizable drum sounds or samples. A glass-like synthesizer sets the tempo for the lush and cinematic melodies and sharp bursts of noise in the latter half of the song take the place of a snare.

Jourgensen also keenly plays with discordance throughout the EP. The saxophone, performed by Justin Tomlin, and synths on the opening track “Total” pulse and warp, reminiscent of an old VHS tape but made crystal clear. There’s a nostalgia underlying all of these tracks, but these moments of discordance imply something sinister is always just around the corner.

Total is out on May 20th, available digitally and on 7-inch in Jourgensen’s store.

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