The Psychedlic Furs at Stern Grove, by Patric CarverThe Psychedelic Furs at Stern Grove 2019 (photo: Patric Carver)

Like most other planned outdoor gatherings Stern Grove has had to cancel its in-person concerts for the year.

Instead (also like most planned outdoor gatherings), it’s going online. Tune in to Stern Grove’s YouTube channel, Facebook Live feed, or their website to see highlights from the past 13 years. Sheila E., George Clinton, and Pink Martini performances from prior fests will all be broadcast in place of the live event. And if you can trust anyone to make sitting in front of your phone or laptop as exciting as a live show, it’s someone like Sheila E.

Shows go live every Sunday starting June 14 through August 16. The full lineup drops on the 31st of this month.