Maya Elise has a way with music that speaks directly to the soul. The Berkeley-based folk singer-songwriter writes music that focuses primarily on nature and earthy themes. Elise draws inspiration for her music from the magnificence and splendor of personal experiences in nature, ones that have deeply shaped her as an artist. The result is a captivating array of melodies that allows the listener to picture the forest floor beneath their feet and the mountains in clear view.

It’s only fitting then that her latest single “Mycelium” premiered on Earth Day, followed by a home-recorded video in her garden. Sung from the perspective of a tree, her words paint a colorful appreciation of the resilience of the environment and lessons that humanity can learn on recovering from disaster and hardship.

“From the trees, I’ve learned that growth is slow, but magnificent over time, and we must be gentle and kind to ourselves when we are rebuilding after disasters. When a tree is going to die, it uses the underground networks of mycelium to send its remaining nutrients to the trees around it. This feels like the ultimate reminder that we always have more to give, even in the moments when we can feel the most empty.”

It’s hard to imagine how media and music will be in the post-pandemic era. While so much of our personal worlds has been altered, Elise’s music is a refreshing reminder of the everlasting beauty and strength of our earth.

Listen to “Mycelium” on Bandcamp: