Known for playing with psych rock group Sleepy Sun for the last decade, Evan Myall Reiss (who drops the last name as an artist) released his debut, self-titled album Evan Myall today and it is a collection worth tuning into and turning up. Though there are still touches of psych rock a la Sleepy Sun, Evan Myall is full of sweet harmonies, warm strings, a gentle touch of the space synth (“Weep” even has a grungy feel). Track “Forever Mine” has great lyrical concepts and cute harmonies like the kiss of a Beach Boy in the background. Throughout the album you can hear Reiss’ George Harrison influence in the best way. Take “Winsome Way,” a song that touches on the afterlife, or closing track “To the Sky,” a tune laced with steel guitar and a whole ear full of things to pick out.

In the artist’s words (as told on their Bandcamp): “We threw all of our colors at the wall; aspiring to make something wondrous. But within the words and melodies, a darkness revealed itself. So we had to learn how to grow and glow in the dark.”

We know Reiss now resides in LA but we still stake a Bay Area claim. The album was recorded and produced by the folks at Royal Oakie Records. Evan Myall is out today and it’s terribly lovely.