Time Fraud is the musical venture of Oakland-based illustrator, zine maker, and musician Nick Wortham. He describes his art as a way to channel his anxiety into both his visual and audio works. His style is a heavy dose of lo-fi synthpop, 8-bit sounds and drowsy vocals that paint a somber depiction of reality. Somehow, the organic combination produces an oddly upbeat and dazzling sound.

Quintessentially Bay Area, Time Fraud’s latest EP “Cry Me a Highway” was recorded in Wortham’s pickup truck while parked alongside the Bay Bridge. The whole recording studio was jerry-rigged from the confines of his vehicle, creating a tangible intimacy for the listener. The tracks draw on the exact topic of human connection, lamenting the disconnect between social media and human interaction.

Watch the premiere of Time Fraud’s video for “Cry Me a Highway” off of Oakland experimental tape label F R E A K S.