North Bay indie outfit Self Care has been delving into the more ethereal side of indie rock in the last few years. Their new album Just a Ghost drops today via Earth Libraries records, and like the title suggests, the record is ghosty as hell.  The album portrays the birth, life, and death of a romantic relationship from the POV of vocalist and songwriter Ryan Keller.

Engineered and mixed by Kyle Lindauer, the new record is full of whatever the music equivalent of lens flare is. The band’s affinity for dense and shimmering instrumentation is balanced by some lo-fi production aesthetics, making Just a Ghost feel simultaneously massive and weightless. Phil Spector vibes, ya know? Like hearing The Flaming Lips on cassette tape but it’s a cassette tape you left sitting on the dashboard on a hot summer day. Check out the video for their first single “Brain vs Heart” and get the record in full below via Bandcamp.