(photo: Nikki Pratchios)

After the release of last year’s single “You’re the Only One,” we’ve been ready and waiting for Baybs’ next dreamy pop tune and were delighted to put our ears to the band’s newest single, “Would You Dare” off their forthcoming EP, Introvertigo. Baybs is the musical project of San Francisco-based artist Craig Jacobs, whose collaborators include backup vocalist Melissa Russi, Timothy Vickers on bass and keys, along with Kyle DeMartini on lead guitar and most recently, Chloe Zelma Studebaker (Zelma Stone) on back up vocals. Jacobs, who in addition to singing these fine tunes plays guitar and drums, says he created these songs as a way to see an optimism beyond anxiety. Jacobs  recalls, “There was a period of my life where I didn’t want to leave my house…soon I couldn’t leave my room.. then I didn’t even feel safe in my own body. The times I felt like literally jumping out of my skin the only thing that helped was picking up a guitar and creating a melody and building a composition from there.” The resulting collection is kissed with surfy melodies and delightful folk rock pop that sings of San Francisco. We’re delighted to premiere the first single off the EP, “Would You Dare.”

Baybs’ EP Introvertigo is out June 11 on Text Me Records. Get it where records are got.