Somehow the weeks have flown by and it’s almost May. Not to put words in Bandcamp’s mouth, but what I can only assume is in honor of May Day, the music streaming service is waiving their fees on the 1st of May. Now is a solidly wonderful time to buy music — digitally or records!? — because 100% of that hard-earned dinero will go straight to the artists. What about a pre-order of one of the Bay Area’s finest, Healing Potpourri? Excuse me? That baseline and those vocals? Get out of my car and into my life, or however that phrase goes. Beautiful.

On a different note, what about a lovely folk escape from San Francisco’s own Meg Baird? “Cross Bay” is a blessing of a tune and a relevant moment infused with rejuvenating finger picking.

Who might you buy? No time like now to band together (pun? maybe). Support your local musicians and enjoy the fruits of their musical labor.