After a two-year hiatus, Oakland’s Rogue Wave released their new single “Aesop Rock,” a pleasing response to rapper Aesop Rock’s single “Rogue Wave” released in January. The catchy indie pop-rock tune has great guitar leads paired with bubbly synths and percussive motion that charges the song forward and begs a little repeat.

For the release of the single, the band teamed up with San Francisco’s The Tipping Point, a nonprofit that works to break the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area. It’s an important organization working to help community members get the resources they need when their needs are not being met. The organization is doing extra important work during the times of COVID-19 and they need community support! Says Rogue Wave’s Zach Rogue, “It’s hard not to feel powerless in times like these. For us, we talked about it and wanted to do something, anything to help. If you listen to our track, please consider donating to Tipping Point. They do amazing work in the Bay Area, directly helping families in need. No amount is too small! We were able to track ‘Aesop Rock’ a couple of days before the shelter in place in California. Who knows, maybe Aesop Rock’ll bust a jam called ‘Out of the Descended Shadow of Lake Michigan’ next?”

Can the artists collaborate on their next endeavor? It’d be like when Aerosmith and Run DMC paired up on “Walk This Way” except less dorky. Stay tuned, and when you’re jamming to “Aesop Rock,” consider donating to The Tipping Point and you’ll enjoy this tune even more. And hell, check out Aesop Rock’s “Rogue Wave” if you need another solid jam and a video that’s worth a few re-watches to get sight of all those beautiful illustrations.