Jeff Wright of Unconditional Arms

So I think it’s safe to say we’re all in a transition period, right? Both as individuals and as a society? Yeahhhh. That’s why the timing for the release of Formation, the new album from Unconditional Arms, could not be more apropos. The Oakland post-rock group has been in a constant state of transition since its inception ten years ago. And, IMHO, post-rock is the perfect music for self-isolation anyways — it’s almost scientifically engineered for deep introspection and emotional catharsis (I don’t want to count the times I’ve driven around in the rain, blasting Explosions in the Sky, and just ugly crying when it felt like my life was falling apart.)

The band’s new album, out today via Sell The Heart Records, represents the closing of one chapter whilst marking the beginning of a new one for founding member/songwriter Jeff Wright.

Formation is the culmination of many things, but more so a reflection of my flawed ideation of compassion. An auditory exploration of my constant grapple with time, relationships and responsibility. It is a gift that I have wanted but did not have the knowledge to receive. A love letter to my growth.”

– Jeff Wright

I think we’re all anxiously waiting to start that new chapter, but it’s important not to rush these things. In the interim, remember to stay safe, tell people you love them, and take this time to imagine the words that will fill this next chapter when the time comes (and it will come) to turn the page. Stream the album below and grab a physical copy here.