Boy Scouts at The Fillmore, by Norm deVeyra
Boy Scouts (photo: Norm deVeyra)

Last month, Oakland singer-songwriter Taylor Vick of Boy Scouts released “Wish,” her first track since her most recent album Free Company, which was recorded entirely in a shipping container converted studio.

“This song is an ode to reflecting on the past,” Vick explains. “Sorting through waves of nostalgia, and hoping for a future in which reflecting on aspects of the past can feel good, and what a privilege that is.”

Vick’s silvery voice is thick with emotion and a yearning hope. The video beautifully manifests the nostalgia conveyed in the song’s lyrics, set against a backdrop of a series of washed out clips of a child’s backyard adventures.

Check out the wonderfully creative and artistic lyric video for “Wish” released via ANTI- Records: