COVID-19 fundraisers collage
I’m sorry to start this off with such a sobering idea, but I think we’ve all thought it: San Francisco is going to be a very different place when this is all over.

With restaurants, bars, and performance spaces having to shutter while we shelter in place, we are at grave risk of losing much of the nightlife we love so much here (seriously — I was talking to a bartender a few weeks ago and she said bar staff come specifically to the Bay to find work because we go so hard). To reduce the risk of having to close up shop entirely, a number of live music venues have started fundraisers to help their employees get by until they can open up again.

I know money is tight for a lot of us right now, but if you’re lucky enough to be able to, donate to your favorite live music venue or production team — or all of them — below.

Rickshaw Stop

Love, Jerks at the Rickshaw Stop, by Patric CarverLove Jerks at Rickshaw Stop (photo: Patric Carver)

Consistently the best place to see up-and-coming acts right before they hit that top tier of indie fame, Rickshaw Stop is beloved by our staff, local music lovers, and me. They’ve also donated a ton of free concert tickets to us over the years, and in general are as committed to preserving local music as we are. Donate here.

Noise Pop Presents

20th St Block Party by Noise Pop in San Francisco, by Ian YoungNoise Pop’s 20th Street Block Party 2019 (photo: Ian Young)

Noise Pop puts on the best shows in the Bay, and we’re not just saying that because they’re our friends (and former office-mates). As I said up top, San Francisco’s likely going to be a very different place when this is all over, but without Noise Pop, it will certainly be way too quiet. Donate here.

Bender’s Bar and Grill

Moon Daze at Bender's, by Robert AlleyneMoon Daze at Bender’s (photo: Robert Alleyne)

If you’ve been to a Noise Pop Happy Hour, you know Bender’s is the perfect little nook on Van Ness to have a cheap (for SF) drink, some tasty bar snacks, and see some live music. They’ve hosted a number of our shows over the years, and could use your support. Donate here.

The Makeout Room

The Bobbleheads at The Makeout Room, by SarahJayn KempThe Bobbleheads at the Makeout Room (photo: SarahJayn Kemp)

An undersung space for small bands, the cozy, kookily decorated Makeout Room is a San Francisco staple that’s been making space for local artists for over two decades. Don’t let a little pandemic be the thing that takes it down. Donate here.

The UC Theatre
Beats Antique at The UC Theatre, by Jon Bauer
Beats Antique at the UC Theatre (photo: Jon Bauer)

Another longtime partner of ours, the UC needs some help now that we’re all shut up inside, and the nearby UC for which it is named has gone digital for the remainder of the year. Donate here.

Bottom of the Hill

The Y Axes at Bottom of the Hill, by Ian YoungThe Y Axes at Bottom of the Hill (photo: Ian Young)

Bottom of the Hill is my favorite place to drink alone. Few things are more comforting on a windy SF night than ducking into BOTH from the cold, getting a Fat Tire, and standing in the corner while watching an up-and-coming band. I’ve seen so many shows here that stick in my memory — The Stone Foxes, Frank Turner, Tacocat, and tons more — and this one might hurt as much as Slim’s if it closes. Please, for your dear old Content Director’s sake: Make sure there’s a solitary beer for me to come back to when we come out of quarantine. Donate here.

I’m sure I’m missing some — drop a link to your favorite local nightlife fundraiser in the comments.

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