6 local online radio stations to keep the tunes going during shelter in place

local radio stations
With a growing abundance of livestreams and online concert series to online sales, musicians and institutions are quickly adapting to be resilient as possible in the face of the painful disruption of COVID-19.

Artists struggling to survive in the Bay Area is nothing new, though, so if you’re able, consider supporting them. After all, it seems we’ll all be relying on a variety of entertainment to get us through the next few weeks (at the very least).

In line with some of the recommendations other writers here have given, below are some local online radio stations worthy of streaming. Whether you are fortunate to have the ability to work from home or are in surreal stasis as you process the news, these staple stations should help you pass the time.

Named SF Weekly’s best radio station for the last six years, Best Frequencies Forever is the home for an eclectic mix of local artists and bigger-named indie talents. Based in the Mission District, it is a community supported haven, beaming tunes all day thanks to 115 (!) volunteer DJs.

How to Listen
Stream on BFF.FM or use one of the below apps:

Lower Grand Radio
Oakland’s Lower Grand Radio is the perfect example of a community-first endeavor. Online only, this collective is the creation of Alex Shen, who operates the station on the second floor of Wolfman Books. DJs, the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, and others interested in learning radio stream their shows regularly.

How to Listen
Visit their site or stream from their deep archive.

Public Radio (KALX, KALW, KPFA, KXSF)
Even if you’re not driving around town, all of the local radio stations have online streams available to you. Whether you’re a fan of traditional outlets like KALW, or prefer the alternative programming or college radio vibes of KPFA, KXSF and KALX, you will find plenty of music, interviews, and other content that should tide you over.

Here are some highlights:

Fire up that app or web browser and settle in! It bears repeating: Stay safe at home, and support your local artists if you can. See you on the other side.

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