Look around you. Doesn’t it feel like you’re living in a dream world right now? Can you even remember what life was like before this? My advice: go with it. Fall down the rabbit hole. And while you’re down there, bump the new single from North Bay singer/songwriter Schlee‘s upcoming LP Tears.

Entitled “Run Run Baby,” the track is a sparsely-textured slice of dream-pop with tinges of Americana and electro wave with ’80s. The psychedelic video will make you feel like you’re walking on a long stretch of desert highway- parched, thirsty, broken down car — until Schlee’s ethereal voice splashes you in the face like glass of ice water.  The few times I’ve ever seen David Lynch smiling, I imagine this song playing in his head. That guy has been living in a surreal dream state for decades and look at him now.

Check the video below and stay posted for the release of Tears, dropping early summer.

While you’re chilling wherever you’re chilling, check her on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

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