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Some of us have been lucky enough to have a little work to pick at this week during “shelter in place” orders across the Bay Area. I myself have had a few items to take care of here and there, but it occurred to me yesterday that this weekend a lot of us are going to have to truly confront crushing boredom for the first time. And it’s gonna be brutal.

I thought this blog would have to go dark for a few weeks, since a large portion of what we cover are live events. Instead, y’all wasted no time stepping up to the plate with new releases and livestreams to help us get through these profoundly weird times, and we’ve had about as much to cover as we would on a normal week.

This weekend, local musician Avi Vinocur has us more than covered: He brought together a full slate of livestreams for the weekend, running from almost sunup to sundown. Featuring blog favorites like Kelly McFarling, King Dream, Megan Keely, Sam Chase and a ton more, the lineup is almost entirely local. And as always, everyone is strongly encouraged to donate to individual artists’ Paypal or Venmo accounts.

Take a look at the listing below and tune in to Facebook Live on Saturday.


Saturday 3/21 (ALL TIMES IN PST California Time):

9:15a: Avi Vinocur (Introduction / Welcome / How To)
9:30a: Goodnight, Texas (Patrick Dyer Wolf solo)
10:00a: Kelly McFarling
10:30a: Solström (Michael solo)
11:00a: The Bribes (Phil solo)
11:30a: John Elliott
12:00p: Harlow’s Monkeys (Tommy + Amanda duo)
12:30p: Megan Slankard
1:00p: Caitlin Jemma
1:30p: The Bones of J.R. Jones (Jonathon solo)
2:00p: Aviva le Fey
2:30p: Rob Fidel
3:00p: King Dream (Jer solo)
3:30p: Stelth Ulvang (with Dorota Szuta)
4:00p: The Family Crest (Laura + Liam duo)
4:30p Ben Morrison
5:00p: Josiah Johnson
5:30p: Avi Vinocur
6:00p: Rainbow Girls “TV Dinner”!


Sunday 3/22 (ALL TIMES IN PST California Time):
10:45a: Avi Vinocur (Introduction / Welcome / How To)
11:00a: megan keely
11:30a: Alycia Lang
12:00p: Suzanimal (Suz + Andrew duo)
12:30p: Briget Boyle
1:00p: Bobby Jo Valentine : Hopeful Earthbound Singer-Songwriter
1:30p: Kyle O’Brien music
2:00p: The Sam Chase & The Untraditional (Sam solo)
2:30p: Strange Pilgrim (Josh solo)
3:00p: Television Spies (Scott solo)
3:30p: Rubber Tramp (Zak solo)
4:00p: T Sisters (Erika solo)
4:30p: Lapel (Debbie solo)
5:00p: Daniel Steinbock
5:30p: Goodnight, Texas (Avi solo)

6:00p: John Craigie

Pandemica Online: Music On FB Live This Weekend
Facebook Live
March 21 +22, 2020
9:15am, donations encouraged