Image courtesy of Bandcamp

With venues closing, tours halting, and even practice spaces closing down, many musicians are quite suddenly no longer able to make their bills. In an effort to help support their artists, Oakland-based Bandcamp pledged not to take a single penny from all purchases made from midnight to midnight on Friday, March 20. In an email to subscribers, the company writes, “If you are able, please join us in putting some much needed money directly into artists’ pockets.”

To learn more about why Bandcamp is banding together — pun, yes — to support musicians, besides the obvious reasons, read their article. Now is the time to buy some tunes! In particular, for folks who are not starving artists—or other wage workers not receiving a salary during this time — please do consider buying some of your favorite albums, or even a single or two. Need some inspiration to start? Don’t mind if I do.

Hot off the presses is “Pandemic,” the aptly-named tune by Kid Trails.

How about some lovely folk music by Hectorine?

Great time to snatch some classic Madeline Kenney.

What other Bay Area artists are you thinking about buying? Time to band together, folks, and let the connective purity vibes sparkle far and wide.