Emily Afton at the Rickshaw Stop, by Ian Young
Emily Afton (photo: Ian Young)

Fresh off a Noise Pop show at Rickshaw Stop, Oakland’s very own Emily Afton releases her long-awaited EP Consideration

It’s an exploration of Afton’s identity as a queer artist in 2020. She uses her music as a platform to express her discontent with the political landscape. “The Veil,” which is the opening track, was written three years prior after Afton was invited to play at the Women’s March in San Francisco. Her sultry voice is thick with emotion as she takes us on a personal journey in ‘Back in San Francisco’ of how the city has worn her. Consideration comes at an apt time. Amid another election season as well as International Women’s Day, Afton reminds us of the power of our voices and the consequences of silence.

Afton is a rising star and caught the eye of artists such as Third Eye Blind, who she toured with last fall. She has performed in a number of Bay Area venues, prominent music festivals, and Sofar Sounds performances.

Listen to Consideration here.