(photo: Mogli Maureal)

Girl Swallows Nightingale’s iridescent and multifaceted debut album Shapeshifter is out now — and the band will host a release party on Saturday 3/21 at Starline Social Club in partnership with UnderCover Presents.

Combining elements of jazz, neo-soul, pop, prog-rock, and experimental electronic music, Shapeshifter is unpredictable in the best way possible — flighty, fierce, calming, and propulsive all at once.

Each member of the four-piece stands out — yet the collective sum of their individual performances is something else entirely. Lead vocalist Marica Petrey places their songs in a world filled with its own mythology and poetic exploration. Travis Kindred’s slinky and clever bass playing regularly peeks out and surprises. Drummer Mogli Maureal tosses in plenty of syncopated grooves and leads the band through unexpected time changes. Andrea Wang’s keyboard playing situates the music definitively in the clouds; she also sings lead on an album standout “Rewind The Day.” And Eli Wirstschafter’s glossy violin-playing both complements the music’s rich orchestral arrangements and adds an element of impromptu flair, along the lines of jazz violinist Stuff Smith‘s glorious lead and improvisational parts.

Girl swallows nightingale release show flier

Together, the group has crafted a captivating and curious record — top-notch musicianship blends together with ethereal soundscapes, vocoders, and spoken word to create a listening experience that feels both cerebral and physically active.

UnderCover presents the album release party, which promises to be a multimedia and multi-sensory experience at the Starline Social Club on Saturday, March 21.

Girl Swallows Nightingale, No Lovely Thing, Colorqueen
Starline Social Club
March 21, 2019
7pm, $15 (18+)