Photo by Nikki Pratchios

Last Friday, February 28, Zelma Stone released their music video for “Fly.” The track is punishingly tender, interrogating darkness by throwing open the curtains and forcing the light to pour in. Chloe Zelma Studebaker, lead singer and songwriter of Zelma Stone, recorded her track at Tiny Telephone, a local studio who you may remember from previous coverage of Abe Hollow and Ryan Von Gonten, and the whole affair is bathed in the signature analog warmth that defies specifics. The track and video are all self released, but their softness betrays none of the rough edges that typically come along with DIY publications.

With coiffed hair and ’60s-inspired twisting dance moves to match, Studebaker seems to glide through the light flowing into her distinctly San Franciscan living room. Written while Studebaker was visiting a loved one in hospice care, “Fly” gently confronts the inevitability of death with calm acceptance and poise. The video’s dreamlike slow motion effect and gliding shots of golden San Francisco streets contribute to a surreal feel that Bay Area locals know well, but which is often lost when put to tape. Even the dog seems in on the production, holding brief eye contact with the camera and somehow peering directly into my soul.

Zelma Stone’s next single, “Dreamland,” is set to be released on March 27th and is the title track on the upcoming Dreamland EP, due out April 17.

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Zelma Stone – Dreamland EP – April 17th

1. Fly
2. Dreamland
3. Body Talk
4. Pastel Purple
5. We’re All Gonna Die