If you’re looking for late-night dancing and pumping house beats, look no further than the upcoming Smoke Jumper show this Saturday, February 29. Along with labelmates Lavender Persuasion and Disfu, Smoke Jumper will be rocking the ever-grimey and ever-charming Spats until two in the morning. Smoke Jumper has been playing shows around the Bay Area and Berkeley for the past few years, while releasing a handful of singles which show mastery of musical builds and cathartic release. Last month, Smoke Jumper released a two-song EP Slammed after spending the summer living around Europe, immersing themselves in the local house scenes and making music with drastically stripped down setups.

“Trippin’” shows the duo’s talent for organically growing simple ideas. The song introduces drums incrementally, building outward until the song takes shape. Once established, the duo begins adding and removing different sonic motifs, some recurring and some not, all contributing to a sense of progression and evolution while keeping a heavy, danceable vibe throughout. Tracks like this, of course, always sound better when they’re played loud, so check below for details on Smoke Jumper’s upcoming show.

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Smoke Jumper, Lavender Persuasion, Disfu
February 29, 2020
10pm, $5 (21+)